Milein Cosman
Milein Cosman and Marie-Louise von Motesiczky on the steps of the Tate Gallery building in London where Tate Archive is housed.

The Milein Cosman Archive at the Tate

Milein Cosman’s Archive was donated to Tate Archive at the end of 2021, her centenary year, and transferred there during 2022. The Archive is housed in the Library and Archives Department at the Tate Britain building in Millbank, where cataloguing began at the end of 2023.

Tate Archive houses a rich collection of sketchbooks, drawings, letters, diaries, photographs and other personal papers of artists who worked in Britain in the twentieth century, including a large collection from Milein Cosman’s great friend, Marie-Louise von Motesiczky, after whom the Tate Archive Gallery is named.

Tate Archive is a centre of excellence for the study of émigré artists and the Cosman Archive will join more than fifty other émigré artist collections.

As well as the complete collection of Milein Cosman’s personal papers, the Cosman Archive contains almost all her sketchbooks, together with a huge collection of drawings and prints dating from every period of her working life, and featuring portraits of many eminent contemporaries.

Researchers wishing to view the collection should contact Tate Archive.