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Capturing Time Book

Milein Cosman: Capturing Time

Ines Schlenker

Published in 2019, this is the first full biography of Milein Cosman, exploring her life and work from her childhood in Germany to her successful career as one of the most highly regarded illustrators in Britain. The book is lavishly illustrated with over two hundred reproductions of Cosman’s paintings, sculptures, prints and remarkable drawings, many of which were sketched rapidly in a single sitting, and which depicted most of the renowned cultural figures of her time, including Igor Stravinsky, T. S. Eliot and Francis Bacon. Few artists have created an oeuvre that matches Cosman’s range, quantity, and quality and this book shows why she remains a widely respected artist to this day.

Lebenslinien Book

Lebenslinien / Lifelines

Milein Cosman, edited by Julian Hogg and Thomas B. Schumann

Published in 2012, this bilingual book is a collection of beautiful reproductions of Milein Cosman’s most iconic paintings, drawings and prints. With an autobiographical memoir by Cosman herself and a short essay on her work by Ernst Gombrich, this book provides an admirable introduction to her work.

Musical Sketchbook

Musical Sketchbook

Milein Cosman, edited by Hans Keller and Donald Mitchell

Now a collector’s item, this 1957 publication was Milein Cosman’s first book. It is a collection of 75 drawings that Cosman made at concert rehearsals and operatic performances during the 1950s and forms a unique portrait of London musical life at the time. With accompanying texts by her husband Hans Keller and other musical writers.

Publications with Hans Keller

Britten Essays, Letters and Opera Guides

Hans Keller, edited by Christopher Wintle and Alison Garnham

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Stravinsky the Music-Maker Writings, Prints and Drawings

Hans Keller and Milein Cosman, edited by Martin Anderson

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The Jerusalem Diary: Music, Society and Politics, 1977 and 1979

Hans Keller, edited by Christopher Wintle and Fiona Williams

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